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News Can The Brogrammers Of Rap Genius Annotate The World?
One Friday this summer, Ilan ZechoryThe company’s president. and Tom LehmanCEO and lead programmer., co-founders of the website formerly known as Rap Genius, stood on a penthouse terrace outside one of 11 apartments turned offices their company occupies in a residential building on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg. The sun was More » … Read News

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News Transcript: The Latest On The Recovery Effort Of Flight QZ 8501
Below is the rush transcript for "This Week" on January 4, 2014. It may contain errors and will be updated. ANNOUNCER: Now on ABC This Week, the mystery of AirAsia flight 8501: more pieces of the plane uncovered. Are they closing in on the black boxes? What caused the plane to fall from the sky? And how worried should you be the next time you fly in bad weather? Shakeup: Republicans ready to … Read News

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