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News ClearDATA Lands $14M To Give The Healthcare Industry A HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Alternative To AWS And Rackspace
As Big Data and analytics are take hold in nearly every industry, a whole new set of demands and problems face IT teams within organizations. This is especially true among healthcare companies, which are now struggling in masse to upgrade archaic infrastructure and technology and reduce costs both for the sake of their businesses and for their customers. … Read News

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News Judge Orders File-sharing Site Hotfile To Pay $80M In Copyright Battle With Hollywood Studios
WASHINGTON — Hollywood studios have won a copyright case against Hotfile Corp. after a Florida judge on Tuesday ordered the file-hosting website to pay $80 million in damages. … Read News

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News Joy Reid Leads Online Polls To Take Over Martin Bashir’s Time Slot
On the heels of Martin Bashir 's ouster from MSNBC , speculation as to who should take over Bashir's 4 pm time slot immediately sprang up online, and if a pair of online polls are any indication, the clear … Read News

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