Web Hosting for Novices

Web Hosting for Novices!


As a novice web site host, you know that selecting the right web hosting vendor plays an essential role in the success of your online venture. For most novices, your business website is the foundation, or portal, in which customers can learn about your products/services. If you are a small community book seller, maybe an appealing and highly available website is not very high on your list. But if you are a book seller willing to ship around the world; owning a professional looking website, that is up when customers find it, can be worth its weight in gold! I think we all can agree that we live in a global economy; boarders and time zones no longer dictate where companies can engage in eCommerce. The Internet has revolutionized the capability for small/medium businesses to sell their goods/services all over the globe! If a business owner has a poorly designed site or if the site is not available when potential customers arrive to browse, your internet business will fail.

Let us continue discussing how to select the right web host for your business.

You have to make sure that you select a reliable web hosting vendor. If server failures are a frequent occurrence, or if it requires an extended period to time for your page to load, your site’s traffic is going to drop. Potential customers will quickly leave your site and visit a competitor if they have to wait for a page to load. Not even devoted clients will stay in if this tendency continues. To put it simply, an undependable web hosting vendor leads to an undependable website. There is no sugar-coating this fact.

To help keep this from becoming an issue, here are some thougts that will help confirm that you select a reliable web hosting vendor.

Do research on the web hosting vendors that you are considering! Sites that review web hosts for different criteria, such as cheap web hosting, business web hosting, vps webhosting or personal web hosting (shameless plugs!!!), are great resources to help you find unbiased reviews and opinions. Forums or message boards that cater to specific web hosting companies or web hosting categories are also filled with great information.

Make contact with the web hosting vendor’s support hotline and ask some questoins. Call the same number a customer would call. Ask some silly questions and claim you can’t find your account number. If they can’t be helpful or polite or answer the phone in a reasonable amount of time, they are probably not a company you want to deal with.

As a final thought, if your company is looking for highly available, 99.999% uptime and you would lose money for every minute that your site is not up (heavy eCommerce), you may need to look into dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is different than what we have been talking about, which is Shared Hosting. Shared Hosting is when a web hosting vendor has a physical server where sections of the server (and its resources) are ‘carved’ out for each hosting customer. A single Shared Hosting server can house dozens of customer’s websites. If you are looking for high availability (HA) and more server control, you need to look into Dedicated Hosting. Dedicated Hosting is where you lease (rent) a piece of hardware from a vendor and you are the only customer who can access that device. You have full control of the server and can do whatever you want.

I will get into more detail on the article Web Hosting for Pros.

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