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News The $75,000 Question: Will Cadillac's ELR Big A BIGGER Flop Than The Chevrolet Volt?
I would say that if there were a Top 5 list of the most controversial cars of 2014, the Cadillac ELR would be jockeying for first place. That's because many folks in the press have looked through the new body and fancy interior to call it out for what it really is. A prettied up Chevrolet Volt. … Read News

What Is Green Hosting Images

News The Sad, Strange Family Battle Over Radio Legend Casey Kasem
Amid competing charges of cruelty and neglect and with an $80 million fortune at stake, the "American Top 40" legend's children tell why they have waged a legal war against their stepmother for the right to visit their 81-year-old father, who is frail with Parkinson's. read more … Read News

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News ANN ARBOR: Cultures Coalesce At Haisley Heritage Festival
Every year, the Heritage Festival at Haisley Elementary School grows. … Read News

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