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News W.Va. Business Leaders Help Battle Human Trafficking
By Jenni Vincent The Journal CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. – While statistics about human trafficking in West Virginia can be a little difficult to find, there are professionals in the state – as well as others who visit here – who deal with this type of crime and are actively working to eliminate it at the state, national and global levels. Shepherdstown resident Danielle Johnson, a global hotlines … Read News

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News 12 Tips On How To Donate; 12 Tips On How To Fundraise
I run a nonprofit called Big Sunday. The idea behind Big Sunday is that absolutely everyone has some way to help somebody else. As we like to say, “There are no haves-and-have-nots, just haves-and-have-mores. Everyone has something.” And we can get so much more done when we all work together. … Read News

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