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News Google’s New Service Kills Ads On Your Favorite Sites For A Monthly Fee
Google Contributor asks people to pay a tiny amount to support the websites they love. But will it work? The post Google’s New Service Kills Ads on Your Favorite Sites for a Monthly Fee appeared first on WIRED . … Read News

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News Google Program Lets Readers Pay A Buck A Month To Block Ads
Web publishers for 15 years have struggled with getting readers to pay for content they are accustomed to acquiring for free. Pay walls have been built and dismantled, print-and-digital packages have launched and often failed, but Google's going to see if viewers are happy to throw coins into the digital publisher's hat if they don't have to see those godforsaken ads. The Mountain View, Calif … Read News

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News New Google Service Will Block Ads — For A Fee
A $1 to $3 monthly subscription will buy you partially ad-free browsing, and make up for sites' lost revenue … Read News

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